Rooftop Guardrail and Loading Dock
Safety Railing Systems

OSHA Compliant Rooftop Guardrail & Safety Railing Systems

The OSHA compliant LORGUARD™ rooftop safety railing system is a versatile and affordable fall protection option. Most safety or fall protection systems require attaching to a structure or approved engineered attachment points. Not with our guardrail! LORGUARD is a “free standing,” portable, modular guardrail system. It does not require attachment to any structure or rooftop penetration in approved applications. If desired, LORGUARD safety railing sections can also be permanently attached to create a permanent rooftop guardrail system.

LORGUARD rooftop guardrail is delivered almost totally assembled. Simply slip into the base plate and tighten one set screw. Rooftop safety railing from Diversified Fall Protection is available in modular sections of 6’, 8’, or 10’ long and complies with OSHA 1910 and OSHA 1926 for guardrail systems.

Base Plate for Railing Section (Rooftop Fall Protection) – Galvanized Steel

The 57 lb. Galvanized Steel Base Plate for the LORGUARD Rooftop Safety Railing System features an engineered, lightweight design that prevents overturning while allowing for fast and easy installation.


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Rubber Base Pad

Rubber base plate pads offer skid resistance while providing a protective barrier between guardrail base plates and the roof surface.


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