Rooftop Guardrail and Loading Dock
Safety Railing Systems

Base Plate for Railing Section (Rooftop Fall Protection) – Galvanized Steel


The 57 lb. Galvanized Steel Base Plate for the LORGUARD Rooftop Safety Railing System features an engineered, lightweight design that prevents overturning while allowing for fast and easy installation.

The secret to the LORGUARD rooftop safety railing system is our lightweight, ergonomically designed base plate. Weighing only 57 lbs. and almost HALF the weight of other systems, your workers can carry 2 base plates making setup and tear-downs 50% faster! Whether your application calls for a permanent LORGUARD installation, or you are using the system on a temporary basis, LORGUARD base plates are stout enough to secure your guardrail system, yet light and easy to handle with ease. Flexible positioning of the base plates keeps you in control around corners and roof top obstructions.

How LORGUARD Rooftop Perimeter Railing Base Stacks Up:

  • Lightweight base but still stable to keep workers safe
  • Lightweight bases means less dynamic load on the roof surface – less wear and tear on the roof
  • Lightweight bases saves $$ on shipping from our factory
  • Lightweight bases save on transportation costs to your job sites