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Custom Color Portable Guardrail

custom color rooftop guardrailHenry Ford once said “You can buy a Model T in any color as long as it is black.”  If you have spent time shopping for portable rooftop guardrail online, you may think Henry Ford’s rule applies to guardrail too. Most of the guardrail you’ll see on the web is safety yellow.  Don’t get us wrong–yellow guardrail is a highly visible reminder that the leading edge is near.  That said, there are times when folks want the rooftop’s perimeter railing system to blend with the rest of the building. Whether you prefer guardrail that matches company colors or the goal is simply to do a better job of concealing the fall protection system from the ground level, we can help.  

If you have struggled to locate a vendor to provide custom color guardrail, or your fall protection company wants a premium for non-yellow, we have good news.  Diversified Fall Protection offers portable guardrail in custom colors–and you won’t pay more to swap out safety yellow for a color more to your liking.

Please note there are a few extra steps involved with ordering custom color rooftop guardrail, but we are committed to making the process as easy and painless as possible.    To guarantee a custom color match, refer to our custom color chart and contact one of our team members at 1-800-354-2719 prior to placing your order.  Lead times are slightly longer with custom colors since we need to powder coat each section to match the RAL color number selected, but when standard yellow won’t due, it is worth the wait.  The finished product will blend with the rest of your building’s color scheme and provide years of enhanced worker safety and OSHA compliance.   To learn more or start the ordering process, visit our custom color guardrail section or contact Diversified Fall Protection for further assistance.