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How far does a worker need to fall in order to sustain a serious, or even fatal injury?  And while we are at it, how far does a fork lift need to fall before disaster strikes?  The answers to both of these questions is “not as far as you might think.”  All too often folks make the mistake of thinking fall protection is only a rooftop issue.  Rooftop fall protection is an important safety consideration, but remember, the fall hazards present inside most industrial and commercial facilities are serious too.  Loading docks are prime examples. Read more…

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New Freight Rate Announcement for OSHA Compliant Roof Guardrail and Loading Dock Safety Gates

At Diversified Fall Protection, we are committed to offering competitive pricing on both our guardrail products and our freight.  The best pricing on OSHA compliant roof guardrail and loading dock safety gates is of limited value when freight charges are too high.  Our logistics team constantly works on ways to reduce freight rates for our customers, and, as a result, we have significantly reduced the automated rates delivered by our online freight calculator.  When you use this tool, you may also notice that we encourage customers to call us direct at 1-800-354-2719 so we can shop the freight further.  In some cases, the shipping rate displayed by the calculator is the best we can do, but in other situations, we can use alternative freight companies to provide even better value for our customers. Read more…

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LORGATE™ – OSHA Compliant Loading Dock Safety Railing

**Like what you just saw and ready to take the next step toward loading dock safety and OSHA compliance?  Click here to receive pricing information or to order LORGATE™ online**

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