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Explore OSHA Compliant Loading Dock Safety Gate Systems – LORGATE InfoGraphic and Data Sheet Now Available

LORGATE TileAlthough you may associate DFP with fall protection systems designed for rooftop applications, we also have the perfect solution to mitigate fall hazards associated with loading docks.  The unprotected leading edge associated with your shipping and receiving area can spell disaster for pedestrians and the forklift traffic found in one of  the busiest parts of any facility.  The LORGATE loading dock safety railing system is easy to install and use, and best of all, it meets all OSHA requirements for loading dock fall protection.  In addition to our e-commerce enabled website, we have two important resources that detailed information on our revolutionary loading dock guardrail solution:  a LORGATE InfoGraphic and a LORGATE Data Sheet.  Both documents are available in PDF format that allows users to save the information to their computers or print the deliverables out for later reference.  As always, if you have questions or wish to complete an order offline, contact Diversified Fall Protection for additional assistance at 1-800-354-2719.

Helpful LORGATE Downloads Available From Diversified Fall Protection:

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Eliminating Shipping & Receiving Area Fall Hazards With LORGATE

Loading docks are one of the most dangerous areas in any facility.  The mix of forklift and pedestrian traffic, heavy equipment, and unprotected leading edges common in loading dock areas is a recipe for potential disaster.

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