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Common Myths About Rooftop Guardrail

custom color rooftop guardrailIn our business, we attack fall protection challenges using a hierarchy of controls.  We start by looking at the simplest hazard mitigation strategies before moving on to more complex options.  Prime examples of this approach include eliminating the hazard or applying administrative controls such as training personnel on how to work safely at heights.  When these techniques are insufficient, we begin looking at additional strategies such as passive fall protection, fall restraint, or the use of a fall arrest system.

When most folks hear the phrase “fall protection,” their minds go to horizontal lifelines which can prevent a worker from falling (fall restraint) or rigid rail fall arrest systems that stop a worker from striking machinery below the work area or the ground level.   Make no mistake–these common fall protection systems have merit.  That said, the hierarchy of controls previously mentioned only prescribes these approaches when less complex solutions aren’t viable options.

Fall restraint and fall arrest systems require a worker to don a body harness and tie off.  The effectiveness of a fall arrest system depends on an engineer’s ability to perform the calculations needed to ensure the system–and the structure used to anchor the system–is sufficient to absorb the energy applied during a fall.  Put another way, there are a lot of complex variables to consider.  Passive fall protection systems have fewer variables that can fail.

Guardrail is one of the best examples of passive fall protection.  Simple to install and easy to use, guardrail protects workers from the hazards posed by your rooftop’s leading edges.  Rooftop guardrail eliminates the need to tie-off, as well as the annual inspections and re-certifications associated with roof lifelines.  What’s more, rooftop safety railing minimizes the need for employee training.  Despite these benefits, rooftop guardrail systems have their detractors.  Some of the concerns we hear about guardrail are valid, but in many instances, folks dismiss guardrail as an option before arming themselves with the facts.  Below are some common misconceptions about rooftop guardrail, along with our attempts to set the record straight. Read more…

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LORGUARD InfoGraphic Now Available

LORGUARD TileWe just released an infographic for our LORGUARD Rooftop Safety Railing System.  This new deliverable uses graphic representations of data and information to tell the LORGUARD story in a PDF format which can be downloaded here.  If you are looking for a concise way to explore the many advantages and benefits of our OSHA compliant rooftop guardrail system, take some time to review this document and be sure to contact us if you are in need of further assistance.

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